AirScience Biogas Purification Technologies

—AirScience Technologies offers the following technologies for the purification of biogas, as well as for process gases such as coke oven gas:


Desulfurization Systems

  • —Ferrachel II® iron chealate process

  • Activated Carbon based fine desulfurization process

  • ISET iron chealate process


Dehumidification Systems

  • —Sub-cooling and reheating process

  • Thermal swing adsorption (TSA) process

  • —Vacuum Pressure swing adsorption (VPSA) process

  • —Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) process


Siloxanes & VOC Removal Systems

  • —Activated carbon non-regenerative process

  • —Thermal swing adsorption (TSA) process

Oxygen Depletion

  • —DeoXo catalytic oxidation process

AirScience Technologies was founded in 1993 from the merger of two companies, Canadian and American. After fifteen years of designing and building air pollution control systems for various industries, the company has refocused its activities on biogas purification and biogas flares.


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