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Municipality of,

Rimouski, QC

300 Nm3/h


Municipality of Mont Laurier, QC

300 Nm3/h



AirScience Landfill Gas Flares

Landfill Gas Application


For landfill gas applications enclosed flame flare have been required for years for the destruction of landfill gas emissions.


As more and more landfill gas is valorized through the production of electricity or the production of renewable natural gas (RNG), enclosed flame flares are used for emergency conditions and for excess gas situation.


Simple Process, High Efficiency


The AirScience AST-EFF high temperature gas flare provides safe and environmentally friendly combustion of landfill gas. Burning landfill gases reduces by at least 20 times the emission of greenhouse gases from the landfill site.


The exhaust gas emissions of the AST-EFF meet the most stringent North American environmental requirements. This is achieved with combustion temperatures between 1000° and 1200°C. The patented high mix, low NOx burner provides the lowest NOx emissions available on the market.


Simple Installation, High Satisfaction


The combustion performance is automatically regulated by a PLC control system with optimum combustion temperature and gas mix. All controls are integrated in a weather proof NEMA4 cabinet.


The AST-EFF gas flare is self-contained and pre-mounted on a structural steel skid as well as pre-wired and pre-piped for easy installation and start-up.


For further information, please view or download our Biogas and Landfill Gas Brochure

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