April 2020


On the first day of the second quarter of 2020, Gerard Magnin, president of the AirScience Technologies group wishes to inform its employees, customers and suppliers of the following.

Since March 9, all employees of the company are working from home. The video-conferencing systems implemented and the full access to the company’s servers have allowed the day to day operations of the company to continue without interruption.


Fabrication facilities in Mexico are being monitored daily by AirScience resident quality control inspector and as of this day the three plants are operating, respecting the required distancing and have implemented a two-shift schedule.


We expect the completion of work in these facilities to occur close to the contractual schedule. Foreigners, however, are barred from entering these facilities, which render the witnessing of Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) problematic. AirScience is in constant communication with its customers regarding their intention for these FATs.


Fabrication facilities in Quebec are in lock-down affecting one of our project. Fabrication facilities in British Columbia are still in full operation and are planning to complete their work on schedule unless the BC government forces them in lock down.


Fabrication facilities in India are in lock-down which affect directly one of our Canadian project. For this project AirScience has invoked the Force Majeure clause and is following the situation closely in that country and at the specific fabricating facilities to minimize the duration of the Force Majeure.


Fabrication facilities in the USA are still operating and should be able to complete and ship their scope of work before more stringent lock-down orders are implemented in their respective state.


In conclusion, AirScience has anticipated the seriousness of the situation in time and has taken the isolation measures early enough to ensure the safety of all its personnel and the continuation of its activity. This allows us to monitor the progress of our production at vendors and sub-contractors on a continuous basis and to anticipate any disruption. This pro-active approach is allowing AirScience to protect the interest of its customers by minimizing the disruption to their contracts with our company and to insure our vendors of the respect of contractual terms of payments.


As president of the AirScience group of companies, I wish all our personnel, customers, suppliers of goods and services, their family and friends, to stay safe and healthy during this world changing pandemic.


If you have any question regarding this announcement, contact me at +1 514 654 0122 or by email at or

We are organized and disciplined and will get through this difficult period successfully.

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March 2020


Gerard Magnin, President and CEO of AirScience Technologies Inc. and GAS RNG Systems Inc. wish to inform the companies customers, suppliers, service providers and industry stakeholders of the following measures taken by the two companies to protect the safety and interests of their employees, customers, suppliers and service providers as follows:


The Companies developed a contingency COVID-19 as of Monday March 9, 2020 to ensure that all personnel of the companies could work from home, access the companies servers and execute their daily work tasks without major disruption from their own home. This was established and confirmed as of March 9, 2020.

On March 13 all personnel of the companies that was still outside of Canada was asked to come back to Montreal immediately. This was immediately implemented and by Monday March 16 these personnel were back in Montreal and in voluntary isolation until further notice and for a minimum of two weeks.  On March 17 all personnel of the companies was requested to refrain from coming to the Montreal offices and instructed to work from home.

Internal communications between all employees of the companies and their supervisors and managers have been established as of March 17 and all functions of the companies are fully operational.

AirScience and GAS RNG personnel is monitoring daily the progress of fabrication in the sub-fabrication plants in Canada, the USA, Mexico, China and India and will inform their customers of any disruption to the progress of the work if and when it happens.

AirScience and GAS RNG confirm to their personnel that salaries will be paid in full and confirm to their vendors that their invoices will be paid as per the conditions of their contract/purchase order.

Finally, AirScience and GAS RNG wish to assure their customers that the companies and their personnel are doing everything possible within the constraints of the various government directives to avoid disruptions to the execution of their contract and the delivery on time of the quality products and systems they expect and deserve.


If you have any question regarding this announcement, contact me at +1 514 654 0122 or by email at or

We are organized and disciplined and will get through this difficult period successfully.

February 2020

AirScience receives multi order for biogas desulfurization units

AirScience Technologies Inc. has recently received three orders for dairy farms anaerobic digester biogas desulfurization systems. These systems are for gas flows between 500 scfm and 1,000 scfm and will use activated carbon as desulfurization media. These three projects will be located in the US Midwest, where a lot of dairy farm bio-digestion of manure for the production of renewable natural gas (RNG). This production of RNG will be injected in the gas utility pipelines.

AirScience is proud to be one of the few biogas upgrading equipment companies gaining market-share in this dynamic market for the production of GREEN GAS.

For more information, contact: Gérard Magnin at +1 514 937 4614 ext: 201,

January 2020

Natural gas purification PSA near completion.

AirScience is proud to announce that the pressure swing adsorption (PSA) system sold to UPL for the C2+ purification of natural gas is now in the latest stages of construction. The project which will be commissioned in the second quarter of 2020 is on time and in the budget.

This natural gas purification system is one of the largest supplied by AirScience for this application.

For more information contact: Mr. Paul Singh

+1 514 937 4614, ext: 202,

February 2020

AirScience Shipping three tower TSA unit to landfill gas project in Texas

The thermal swing adsorption (TSA) unit designed and produced by AirScience will remove siloxanes and non methane organic carbon (NMOC) from landfill gas and bring these impurities to ppm level in the product gas.

The TSA unit is regenerative with a multi year adsorption media life due to the thermal regeneration using carbon dioxide gas from the vent gas of the CO2 separation unit.

The unit will be commissioned in the fall of 2020.


For more information contact: Mr. Tarlok Nandhra

+1 514 937 4614 ext: 206,

February 2020

AirScience starts shipping four-tower desulfurization unit to landfill gas project in Texas

The “lead/lag” dry media desulfurization system designed and produced by AirScience consists of two sets of two desulfurization towers each. Each set of two towers is interconnected to operate in the “lead/lag” mode to allow optimization of the sulfur capture capacity of the media as well as the replacement of the spent media while the plant is in operation. Outlet hydrogen sulfide concentration for these systems are in the low single digit ppm and have proven over the years to be very dependable in their performance and predictable in their operating cost.

For more information contact: Mr. Gerard Magnin

+1 514 937 4614 ext 201,

December 2019

Coop Carbone selects AirScience Technologies biogas upgrading technology for Warwick project.


The first agriculture cooperative in Quebec to produce biomethane from waste, the Coop Agri-Energie Warwick has selected AirScience Technologies Inc. as the supplier of the biogas upgrading system to produce biomethane (RNG) for injection into the Energir natural gas network. The plant which will treat dairy and pig manure as well as other selected organic wastes in an anaerobic digester will produce raw biogas which will be purified by the AirScience upgrading system.


The upgrading system will consist of a biogas desulfurization section to remove hydrogen sulfide, a dehydration section to dry the biogas, a compression section to bring the gas to the required pressure for injection into the pipeline network, a carbon dioxide separation system to produce RNG with the right composition for injection.

The AirScience scope of supply also includes a regenerative thermal oxidizer to destroy any organic molecule prior to the discharge of vent gas to atmosphere. This thermal oxidizer will also neutralize smelly air from the waste unloading and pre-treatment areas and due to its design will have a minimal carbon foot print.

The complete scope of work is scheduled to be at the site in the summer of 2020. For more information contact:

Gerard Magnin +1 514 937 4614 ext: 201,

August 2019

AirScience joins le Regroupement pour le gaz naturel renouvelable au Québec. Gerard Magnin, president of AirScience is proud to announce that the company has joined the “Regroupement pour le gaz naturel renouvelable au Québec”. This group of stockholders in the production of renewable natural gas includes more than fifty individual companies and organizations with interest in the development of the RNG industry in Quebec. Energir, the natural gas utility in Quebec taking the leadership of the group and the role of liaison with the various Quebec ministries having interest in RNG and with the “Consultation publique PECC 2030”

With its work with several developers of biogas projects in the province of Quebec, AirScience is at the center of the biogas to RNG purification chain with the supply of complete purification plants including desulfurization, dehydration, removal of carbon dioxide and compression to provide biogas plants operators a single source responsibility and assurance that their RNG will be successfully and continuously accepted in the pipeline network of the local gas utility.

For more information, contact: Gérard Magnin at +1 514 937 4614 ext: 201,

July 2019


AirScience shipped a gas incineration system to the University of Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke campus.


This gas incinerator will be used to neutralize through thermal oxidation the various
gas mixtures produced by the experiments produced in a laboratory furnace. The
particularities of this installation is the small gas flow to be treated and the variety of
the composition of the gases to be oxidized.
The system is planned to be
commissioned in August so that it can be operational for the 2019 fall session.

For more information call:

Mr. Tarlok Nandhra +1 514 937 4614 ext: 206

June 2019

AirScience completes engineering of natural gas C2+ separation system.


The engineering phase of the C2+ removal system to produce pure methane from natural gas, is now completed and the procurement phase is now proceeding. The complete AirScience scope of supply of the eight towers Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (VPSA) system shall be completed in October 2019. The system will have
a capacity of 2600 Nm3/h of raw feed gas. The system is planned to be delivered in October 2019 and commissioned in December so that it can be operational in early January 2020.

For inquiries on this process, contact:

D. Paul Singh (CTO) at +1 514 937 4614 ext: 202

June 2019

Industrie & Commerce, a well-respected French businnes monthly, publishes an article on AirScience.


This article highlights AirScience's activities with Coop Carbone for the reduction of GHG from agriculture.

For more information, contact:

Gérard Magnin at +1 514 937 4614 ext: 201,


May 2019


AirScience receives order for process gas desulfurization system.


AirScience was awarded an order for the supply of a process gas desulfurization system. The system based on the standard AirScience lead/lag process with activated carbon media will be followed by a polishing stage to achieve low hydrogen sulfide content in the ppm level. The lead/lag process allows one desulfurization tower (the lead) to capture most of the load, while the second tower (the lag) acts as polisher and safety when the lead tower reach break-through condition and need to have its media replaced. During the replacement of the media in the “lead” tower, the “lag” tower is now becoming the “lead” tower. Once the media is replaced in the tower which was previously “lead” it is brought back on-line in a “lag” position.

The third tower acting as a polishing stage to attain very low hydrogen sulfide content will need very infrequent media change which can be scheduled far in advance to correspond to general plant shut-down.

For inquiries on this process, contact:

Dr. A. Alizadeh (CR&D director) at +1 514 937 4614 ext: 207

May 2019


AirScience receives order for process gas emergency flare system.


AirScience was awarded an order for the supply of an enclosed flame emergency flare system to be installed in a waste valorization plant and treat process gas in plant upset condition. That flare system or gas incinerator is very similar in concept to emergency flare supplied to the Millar Western Forest Products company and to the Mc Commas Bluff landfill high BTU gas plant. These two large gas thermal oxidizers have been in operation for several years with large variations in operating conditions such as heat load for which they are designed. The flare system order awarded to AirScience this month will include the latest advance in control systems to allow the rapid start and stoppage of the unit when incineration service is required or no longer required. In normal operation, such system is dormant, to be only initiated when a plant upset occurs and the process gas cannot be passed through the normal process equipment.

For more information, contact:

Gérard Magnin at +1 514 937 4614 ext: 201

January 2019


AirScience receives order for large landfill gas desulfurization system.


AirScience was awarded an order for the supply of a landfill gas desulfurization system. The system based on the standard AirScience lead/lag process with activated carbon media, consists of two sets of two desulfurization towers, each set being inter connected by piping and valving to allow the operation in lead/lag mode. This system will remove hydrogen sulfide from the landfill gas to produce a gas with less than 2ppmv of hydrogen sulfide and a media life of six months. The specific desulfurization media used is commercially available in the USA and Canada and once used, can be removed from the tower by a vacuum truck with minimal labor requirement as compared to traditional iron based desulfurization media.

With the completion of this project AirScience will have more than 100,000 cfm of gas being desulfurized by its process worldwide.

For more information contact:

D. Paul Singh Tel: +1 5174 937 4614 Ext:202

January 2019


AirScience receives order for large landfill gas Non Methane Hydrocarbons and Siloxanes removal system.

AirScience was awarded an order for the supply of a landfill gas NMOC and Siloxanes removal system based on AirScience Thermal Swing Adsorption (TSA) process. The TSA process is regenerative with a media life of five years plus. Out of the three towers, one is in adsorption mode, one is in desorption/regeneration mode and the third one is in cooling mode. Cycle time for this process is in the ten hours range.
This high pressure TSA system operates at around 250psig and uses CO2 separation membrane permeate gas as regeneration gas. Product gas at the outlet of the PSA
is virtually free of organic compounds and siloxanes so that the bio-methane (RNG)
will meet the most stringent quality requirements for organics and siloxanes after removal of CO2, Nitrogen and Oxygen in purification steps that occur downstream of this TSA system.

For more information contact:

D. Paul Singh Tel: +1 5174 937 4614 Ext: 202

June 2018

AirScience Technologies expands its gas purification media storage capacity. Effective immediately, AirScience Technologies, in an effort to provide its after sales service customers with shorter delivery times for replacement media and spare parts, is expanding its storage facilities with a new warehouse in the Montreal area and another one in Broward county Florida, near its Florida office. Both warehouses will store activated carbon desulfurization media as well as iron based desulfurization media, media for TSA non-methane hydrocarbons/siloxanes capture, media for VPSA carbon dioxide capture and media for DeOxo dehydration TSA units.

Montreal warehouse location: 5410 Vanden-Abeele Street, Saint Laurent, QC. H4S 1P9

Broward county warehouse location: 1140 SW 34th Avenue, Deerfield Beach, FL 33442

For more information: +1 514 654 0122

March 2018

AirScience Technologies receives excellent test results for gas desulfurization. On March 24, 2018, AirScience Technologies received the results of the test campaign for the desulfurization of its pyrolysis gas desulfurization system installed in 2017 at Ecolomondo pyrolysis facility in Contrecoeur, Quebec, Canada. The subject desulfurization system is the same technology as AirScience is using for the desulfurization of anaerobic digester biogas and landfill gas and has been in operation since early 2017. The desulfurization unit was first tested in March 2017 and AirScience reported that the level of hydrogen sulfide in the desulfurized gas was much lower than anticipated. The test campaign of March 2018 was to determine if any deterioration of performance had occurred during these twelve months of operation.


AirScience is proud to announce that the results of the 2018 test campaign are consistent with the results of 2017, showing no change in performance and desulfurization efficiency. The tests were performed by “Eurofins Essais Environnementaux Canada Inc.” and showed levels of less than 2 ppm of hydrogen sulfide after desulfurization, with average inlet hydrogen sulfide concentration of 6,100 ppm for a capture efficiency of 99.97%.

March 2018

AirScience Technologies is shipping its latest generation thermal swing adsorption system (TSA) for the capture of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and siloxanes from landfill gas. This TSA systems with three adsorption towers is a continuous operation unit with media regeneration through thermal desorption. The valve train skid shown on the picture below is pre-wired, pre-tested and shipped connected to its control panel for easy and rapid installation at the job site. The present system has a capacity of 1,000 standard cubic feet per minute and will produce gas with VOCs and siloxanes levels far below the pipeline gas quality requirements for such compounds.

January 2018

Gerard Magnin, President of AirScience Technologies is proud to announce that Arol Energy SAS of France and AirScience Technologies Inc. have signed a cooperation agreement that provides AirScience with the state of the art AE-Amine® developed by Arol Energy for the upgrading of anaerobic digestion biogas and landfill gas upgrading to bio-methane suitable for injection in the natural gas pipeline network as well as the EA-Siloxanes® process for the capture of VOCs and siloxanes.


The cooperation agreement provides Arol Energy with the reputed AirScience biogas upgrading technologies such as Ferrachel II® iron chelate biogas desulfurization process, Thermal Swing Adsorption (TSA) for the capture of VOCs and siloxanes, Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (VPSA) for the capture of CO2 and Vacuum Swing Adsorption (VSA) for the recovery of methane from vent gases.

As of today, Arol Energy solvent based biogas upgrading technologies are available in North America through AirScience and AirScience products and technologies are available throughout Europe from Arol Energy.

For more information contact: Gerard Magnin, President, AirScience Technologies Inc. at David Bossan, President and CEO, Arol Energy SAS at


October 2017


AirScience Technologies introduces the second generation of the “FERRACHEL II” biogas desulfurization system. This second generation iron chelate based biogas desulfurization system is a substantial improvement over the original AirScience Ferrachel I system.


The advancement include a new chemical formulation, an enhanced mass transfer approach whichreduces the number of towers and recirculating pumps and a rich liquor filtration system which is more efficient and has a much better reliability record.

At low pressure operation, the new process produces biogas desulfurization down to 5 ppm level from input levels as high as 2000 ppm. At higher pressure operation the system is capable of delivering a biogas with 1 ppm of hydrogen sulfide. This level of biogas desulfurization allows for the elimination of the requirement for an activated carbon polishing stage which is expensive in term of both operating pressure drop and media replacement.

The “FERRACHEL II” biogas desulfurization system can be used for gas flow from 1,000 to 25,000 scfm For more information on the AirScience “FERRACHEL II” desulfurization system email :




August 2017


DMT Clear Gas Solutions selects AirScience Technologies as supplier of siloxanes removal TSA unit.

On August 8, 2017, we received an order from DMT Clear Gas Solutions of Portland, Oregon, for the supply of a thermal swing adsorption system (TSA) for the removal of volatile organic compounds and siloxanes from landfill gas. The system will be installed at a high BTU landfill gas plant in the United States.

The system with a capacity of 1,000 SCFM is similar to the system supplied by AirScience to the Mc Commas Bluff landfill gas upgrading plant in Dallas, Texas

(see picture on the left) which has been operating since its commissioning to the
full satisfaction of its operators with an up-time of approximately 96% over the years. That plant is owned and operated by EPP Service Co. the operation arm of Energy Power Partners of Santa Monica, California.

With almost 30 years of experience DMT Clear Gas Solutions in Portland, Oregon
is a market leader in biogas upgrading with membrane technology. DMT has developed a vast amount of biogas treatment technologies. For the key biogas contaminants, DMT can offer one or a combination of technologies to economically manage them. Air Science is very proud to cooperate with DMT on these projects. Our products and manufacturing processes are designed to minimize environmental impact to your community. Working together with DMT therefore fits perfectlywith our company’s mission.



April 2017

AirScience Technologies Inc. joins Biogas World as a full member. The BiogasWorld membership will provide AirScience with market intelligence on what is happening in the biogas sphere worldwide. AirScience’s listing in the BiogasWorld database will give the company enhanced visibility and the RFP listing, access to tender request the company would not be aware of, otherwise.

March 2017 


Performance tests executed at Ecolomondo’s Contrecoeur plant near Montreal, on the pyrolysis gas desulfurization and de-chlorination system supplied by AirScience technologies, meet the performance warranties by a large margin. This gas purification system will allow Ecolomondo to use this purified gas as fuel for their two pyrolysis furnaces at the Contrecoeur plant and to reduce their hazardous emissions to undetectable level.

February 2017

On February 20, 2017, AirScience Purification Technologies Inc. obtained the Final Acceptance Certificate from JSW Steel Limited for the coke oven gas desulfurization system provided, installed and commissioned by AirScience.
This Final Acceptance Certificate attests that the equipment met all the requirements, performance figures and test methods as stated in the contract and has successfully completed the guarantee period.


January 2017

AirScience Purification Technologies at the Value of Biogas West Conference organized by the Canadian Biogas Association, on January 27, 2017 at the Tradex Conference Center in Abbotsford, BC. Presenters included Jennifer Green of the Canadian Biogas Association, Colton Aston and Mason Lau of Fortis, Nick Bonkoski of GE Power, Robert Lems of DMT, Alex Hayes of Alberta Innovates, Gustav Rogstrand of the Research Institute of Sweden and others.


The main message of the conference is that the biogas market is alive and well and that the expansion of the market will continue. AirScience products from enclosed flame flares, thermal oxidizers, biogas desulfurization systems, Siloxane reduction systems, biogas dehydration systems and carbon dioxide removal systems are well adapted and competitive in capex, opex and on-line availability for the biogas to RNG market.

November 2016

Installation of the coke oven gas (COG) desulfurization system at JSW Steel Limited, steel mill located in Toranagallu, Karnataka, India is nearing completion and commissioning of the complete COG desulfurization system will start in the first week of December 2016. The system is the largest COG desulfurization system designed and supplied by AirScience Technologies Inc. to this day and will process 27,000 Nm3/h of COG gas.

July 2016
Arol Energy SAS of Le Bourget du Lac, France
selects AirScience Technologies AST-705 high efficiency desulfurization media for a biogas desulfurization application in France. This is the first time that AirScience supplies desulfurization media to the European Union adding to a long list of users of that AirScience dry desulfurization media in North America and Asia.
Arol Energy SAS is a French company which designs and builds biogas valorization plants in Europe and also provides maintenance services for plants that purify and use biomass gases, specifically biogas.

May 2016


AirScience Technologies Corp. the US based arm of the AirScience Technologies Group is relocating its operation to Palm Beach County, Florida from its historical base in New Jersey. From its new location, AirScience plans to assemble enclosed flame flares for the American biogas industry. The landfill gas flares and biogas flares which were until now assembled in Canada, will now be assembled in Florida. After sales service for landfill gas flares and biogas flares will also be provided from AirScience new Palm Beach County location.


April 2016


AirScience Purification Technologies ships a high temperature ammonia scrubber to Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal. This scrubber part of Dr. Sauriol research project and will treat high temperature gases from a roasting operation producing very high concentrations of ammonia.



April 2016


AirScience Purification Technologies ships a skid mounted landfill gas enclosed flame flare to Gesterra of Victoriaville, Quebec. The gas flare has a capacity of 300 Nm3/h that will treat the biogas from the LET de St. Rosaire. Gesterra is a company resulting from a public-private partnership (PPP) which works for sound management of waste in the municipal, institutional, commercial and industrial. -



March 2016


Ecolomondo, the North American leader of the Thermal Decomposition Process (TDP) by which hydrocarbon waste is converted to high value commercial products is proud to announce that it has selected AirScience Purification Technologies as its provider of process gas purification system for its TDP plants. This long term cooperation agreement starts immediately with the integration of such process gas purification system in the Ecolomondo TDP plant in Contrecoeur, Quebec to be followed with the integration of such systems into all future Ecolomondo TDP plants.



February 2016


AirScience Purification Technologies commissions the biogas dehydration system at the biogas plant of Millar Western Forest Products in Whitecourt, Alberta.



January 2016


AirScience Purification Technologies participate to the 2016 Agricultural and Municipal Biogas Forum (Closing the loop). The forum presented by the Canadian Biogas Association and BC Agricultural Research & Development Corporation was held at the Tradex Centre, Abbottsford.



December 2015


AirScience Purification Technologies commissions the emergency flare at the biogas plant of Millar Western Forest Products in Whitecourt, Alberta.



November 2015


AirScience Purification Technologies joins the Canadian Biogas Association a member driven association promoting the development of biogas which represents all aspects of the biogas sector. The vision of the association is to develop the biogas industry to its fullest potential through capturing and processing organic materials to maximize the utility and value inherent within that material.



April 2015


Ecole Polytechnique of the University of Montreal awards the supply of an ammonia scrubber for one of its metallurgical lab. The particularity of this scrubber is the very high inlet ammonia concentration as well as the gas high temperature. The equipment shall be delivered by AirScience Purification Technologies in the second half of 2015.



March 2015


JSW of India awards a large coke oven gas desulfurization system to AirScience Purification Technologies. The technology is the same as contracted in 2014 by the same company for its silicon steel production line. The present contract is to treat 27,000 Nm3/hr of raw gas and to reduce the hydrogen sulfide content to less than 30 mg/Nm3. The desulfurization system shall be in operation by the third quarter of 2015.



February 2015


The delivery of the gas desulfurization system to be supplied by AirScience Purification Technologies to the silicon steel plant of JSW has been advanced and will now be completed in April 2015.



November 2014


JSW the largest steel producer in India awards a gas desulfurization system to AirScience Purification Technologies. The technology used will be the AirScience Dry Scrubbing Process which we already supplied in North America for the desulfurization part of the conversion of landfill gas to pipeline quality CNG. The desulfurization system shall be in operation by the third quarter of 2015.



November 2014


Millar Western Forest Products of Edmonton, Alberta has selected AirScience Purification Technologies for the supply of a biogas dehumidification system based on the cooling/condensing and reheating process. As part of the same project AirScience Purification Technologies will also supply an emergency biogas incinerator which will operate only when the biogas cannot be used as fuel in the mill boilers. The biogas dehumidification system and the biogas incinerator are planned to be operational by the third quarter of 2015.





AirScience Technologies was formed
in 1993 from the merger of two companies, Canadian and American. After fifteen years of designing and building air pollution control systems for various industries, the company has refocused its activities on biogas purification and biogas flares.


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