AirScience Technologies offers all the biogas purification technologies required to produce power and heat biogas quality, CNG biogas quality and LNG biogas quality. See selection guide and process descriptions for more information


Power Generation


For years biogas produced by municipal solid waste landfills and bio-digesters was flared, the energy contained in that biogas simply wasted. With the increase of the cost of energy and the concern over greenhouse gases emissions, more and more producers of biogas started producing electricity using internal combustion engine gensets.


Pipeline CNG


Recently, producers of biogas started considering other avenues for the commercialization of their biogas output. The first alternative is CNG, producing CNG for transportation purposes of for the natural gas network (pipeline quality) requires a much higher level of purity than biogas for power and heat production.


The level of sulfur, humidity, siloxanes and carbon dioxide acceptable in CNG are very low, translating into the requirement for elaborate biogas purification systems.


Transportation CNG


CNG is also used as fuel for motor vehicles. In certain jurisdictions all public transportation is operating on GNG. Generally the specification for transportation CNG are not as stringent as pipeline CNG. AirScience is taking care of these differences in its technology selection guide.




Even more recently, biogas producers have been looking at the production of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from their output. Here, the purification level of the gas is even more stringent than for CNG production, however the higher market price for LNG versus CNG justifies the extra capital and operation expense in most cases.

Gaseous resource valorization,

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